Nelson Mandel A Visionary And Ethical Leader

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Imagine you have just received a life sentence, sequestered to a seven-by-seven square foot jail cell. You spend the next 7,538 days crushing stones in a courtyard, 15 hours per day. Then on day 7,539, you receive an offer of conditional freedom. To be free, all you need to do is give up your values. Just run off into the sunset, wherever your heart desires, but keep your mouth shut. Would you take the offer? Well, Nelson Mandela, prisoner #466-64, did not.
Nelson Mandela was both a visionary and ethical leader as demonstrated by his actions and decisions when confronting the brutal polices of apartheid in South Africa. To prove my claim, first, I will provide historical facts and poignant truths that show Mandela was a visionary leader by employing idealized influence and inspirational motivation as he led the struggle against apartheid and an oppressive regime. Next, I will prove how Mandela was an ethical leader describing his most prevalent act courage and a moral decision he made during an ethical dilemma that would change South Africa forever. Finally, I will show how the visionary and ethical leadership actions by Mandela are synonymous to experiences I had. To start, Nelson Mandela is one of the great leaders in world history. The way in which he led South Africa’s shift from racial inequality to a constitutional democracy alone would have secured his place in history. However, it was the example he set with his visionary leadership that will be his

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