Nelson Mandel An Effective Method Of Ending Apartheid

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Nelson Mandela’s contribution to the destruction of apartheid in South Africa is unparalleled. He dedicated every action of his life to unify a sectioned South Africa that showed no signs of reformation. One of the major characteristics of Mandela’s movement in particular was the notion of unification through nonviolence. Throughout South Africa, the apartheid system was strict and unforgiving. The origins of apartheid lied within denying blacks any political power, or any participation in government whatsoever. From this, the National Party established a system of racial segregation that strictly adhered to White Africans. The apartheid system was law, and was aggressively enforced through physical and political abuse towards black South Africans. Any opposition to the apartheid system endangered the lives of all who participated. Naturally, black South Africans would eventually take action against the poor treatment of their “superiors.” However the most important characteristic of a revolt are the principals on which it is structured. The Nonviolence Campaign was the most effective method of ending apartheid in South Africa. Peaceful opposition prevented unnecessary loss of life, stayed true to the original principals and morals of abolitionists, and prevented the movement itself from falling to hypocrisy. At an early age, Nelson Mandela recognized the importance of nonviolent protest and what it symbolized within a movement. It is important to understand nonviolence as…
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