Essay about Nelson Mandela Gave his Life to South Africa

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Rolihlahla Mandela (renamed to Nelson) from the Madiba clan was born on July 19 1918 in Transkei South Africa. His father was Henry Mphakanyiswa from the Tembu Tribe he died when Nelson was 12 years old (1930). Nelson went to a University College of Forte Hare and the University of Witwatersand Mandela was a poor student and left the university in 1952 without graduating. In 1989 in his last years of imprisonment he got an LLB through the University of South Africa.
Mandela joined the AFC (African National Congress) in 1944 and was in the resistance of the National Apartheid policies 1948. He went on trial in 1956-1961 and was found guilty in 1961. After the ban of the ANC in 1960 Nelson argued for the setting up of a military in ANC. …show more content…

He received army training in Morocco and Ethiopia and returned to South Africa on July 1962. He was arrested in a police roadblock outside Howick on August 5 while returning from KwaZulu Natal where he told ANC President Chief Albert Luthuli about his trip. Nelson Mandela’s mother died in 1968 and his eldest son Thembi in 1969. Nelson was not allowed to attend their funerals. On 3/31/82 Nelson Mandela was transferred to Polsmoor Prison in Cape Town with Sisulu, Mhlaba and Mlangeni. Kaathrada joined them in October. When he returned to the prison in November 1985 after his surgery in his prostate Nelson Mandela was held alone. Minister Kobe Coetsee visited him in hospital. Later Nelson Mandela decides to talk about his meeting between the apartheid government and the ANC.On 8/12/88 he was taken to hospital where he was discovered to have tuberculosis. After a little over three months in two hospitals he was transferred on 12/7/88 to a house at Victor Verster Prison near Parl where he spent the last 14 months of imprisonment. He was released from the prison on Sunday 2/11/90, nine days after the banning of the ANC and the PAC had been taken off and almost four months after the release of the rest of his Rivonia comrades. During the trial on 6/14/58 Nelson married a social worker, Winnie Madikizela. They ended up having two daughters, Zenani and Zindziswa. Nelson and Winnie had divorced in 1996. On 3/21/60 the police killed 69 unarmed civilians in a

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