Nelson Mandela Reflection

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When America thinks of Nelson Mandela, they see how intelligent and well aware Mandela was of his surrounding in this proper country. What many people don't know about Mandela is that he had no prior knowledge of any of that and he had to learn everything from the questions he would ask and based everything off the answers he would receive. According to his quote that stated, “Nobody ever sat with me at regular intervals to give me a clear and connected account of the history of our country of its geography natural wealth and problems of our culture of how to count to study weights and measures. Like all Xhosa children I acquired knowledge by asking questions to satisfy my curiosity as I grew up learnt through experience watching adults and tried to imitate what they did” (Mandela 9). It is very inspiring to audiences reading Mandela’s experience through this life, we see that the more a person struggles, the stronger they can end up being. This awakens people’s minds to being curious and aware of what is happening in their countries because they could be the next person making a difference.
It is important to be humble in this cruel world. Mandela really demonstrated this with the amount of support he showed for the other options in the real world. He was open to new ideas due to the lack of freedom he had to witness most of his life. This was very notable in his quote that stated, “But I shall neither impose my own customs on others nor follow any practice which will offend my comrades, especially now that freedom has become so costly” (Mandela 26). With the amount of racism and new freedoms that our country has been exposed to in our modern world, we need more people trying their best to make a difference in the world. It's amazing the problem of ignorance that exists in the American mind can't be diminished easily unlike Mandalas mind. This view he had is the same view I have and it really inspires to try and convince others around.
Something that I liked reading in Mandela’s writings is the raw tone he used. He doesn't sugar coat anything and he pointed out the mistakes he once made. In one of his quotes about his early writings and speeches he states, “...I am appalled by their pedantry, artificiality
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