Nelson Mandela character analysis

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Primary socialisation
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18th, 1918 and recently died on December 5th 2013. He was born in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa (father) Nonqaphi Nosekeni (mother) were both Christians, therefore so was Mr Mandela. His father Gadla was the head chief in his community. The strengths his father would have needed were to speak up for his people, have courage, be caring, be supportive of his community, strong, powerful worker, a good communicator and well educated. His father had all them. As Nelson Mandela was growing up he would have looked up to his father alot. Most young boys while growing up would usually look up to their father as most see them as their role model and the most
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Meanwhile Nelson’s supporters were still protesting. When they protested the government shot at them and as a result of the shootings 69 people died. Also, some of the leaders of countries were sentenced to prison or have had to be exiled. The South African Government have also influenced Nelson Mandela’s PIES. His physical health would have affected when he was put into prison for 27 years. In prison he was forced to do hard labour in limestone quarries, and wasn’t given the food he would have needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Also, in prison he would have had to go to the toilet in a small bucket in the corner of his very small cell. This would have also caused him to have some health problem. Going to prison would have influenced his intellectual health as well. Beside going out of his cell to work, he would have also had alot of ‘alone time’ in which he would have thought about what he was fighting for, and what he may have been planning to do once, and if he ever was released. As he was in orison he would have been away from his wife and kids as he was serving his time in prison. He would have also been kept away from the other inmates, and probably had only seen them whilst working in the quarry.
Nelson’s Supporters & Wife
To show their anger about Mandela being kept in prison they burnt down government buildings, held more protests and complained all the time. When supporters protested in South Africa they got shot down,
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