Nelson Mandela’s Fight for South African’s Justice

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Many countries around the world have suffered for years to gain political rights and freedom for all people. These countries did not have many resources to help people in their poor conditions. One such country is South Africa, where many South Africans were treated unfairly under apartheid, a law, made in 1950, to separate the African minorities from the white population living in South Africa.1 The Whites banned interracial and intersexual relations between Blacks and non-Black people, and the Black people owned only about 20% of the land.2 Black people were not given political representation, not given satisfactory facilities, and could not conduct any labor unions against the White population. Even though South Africa was free from…show more content…
The Africans, though, were not planning to back out that easily. For close to 40 years, the ANC was trying its best to settle African grievances, to give them additional rights, besides just freedom. They had decided to protest against the apartheid system through methods of peaceful demonstrations. Many people fought, and went to jail, but there was not one mode of violence conducted at all in these protests. 13 Mandela pointed out the shooting at Sharpeville in 1960, where 69 people were killed and 178 demonstrators were wounded. Mandela and his colleague continued to fight, not listening to the government. Nelson believed “in the words of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, that the ‘will of the people shall be the basis of authority of the Government’”. 14 The people had rights to choose what they wanted to do in their homeland, and no one was going to stop them from claiming these rights. Mandela also described why he and his organizers decided to choose sabotage as their method of violence instead of guerilla warfare or open revolutions. 15 Sabotage was a way to show hope for improving relations between races, and if people followed Mandela’s thoughts, then there might have been a possibility of a democracy in South Africa. Lastly, Mandela pointed out that the White people

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