Essay on Neo-Nazis In America

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Neo-Nazis In America

The American Neo-Nazi movement started in the streets in the middle 1980's, in the U.S. The movement is an act to keep alive the beliefs and actions of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Regime. Believers and activist in the movement are known as Skinhead, or "Skins." Some are dresses like a lot like the original British movement, which was started by some rough looking teenagers in combat boots hanging out on the streets. The average Skinhead, wears combat boots or Doc Martens, thin red suspenders, and a bomber jacket. The hair is completely shaven or closely cut to the head. The Skins wear many symbols supporting the movement, such as, swastikas supremacy slogans, and other white power emblems or tattoos. Neo-Nazis
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These are dedicated to opposing civil rights for Blacks, Jews, and other ethnic, racial, social or religious groups. They also oppose Catholicism and the gay rights movement. The name Ku Klux Klan comes from cackles, the Greek word for circle. A myth has existed in the United States which alleges that the name comes from the sound of the hammer of a rifle being cocked. Members of the Klan are easily recognizable by their distinctive white robes and hoods, when they are in action. They also often give themselves fancy titles such as "Grand Wizard" to indicate status. .

The American Nazi Party is a legally based political and educational organization that claims to be in place to save the white race, the Aryan Republic, and our Western-European cultural heritage. They act out with violent manners sometimes leading to beatings, stabbings and even murder. They destroy buildings, cemeteries and other constructions, with their graffiti and by demolishing them, of different minorities. They often blame their society's problems on non-white immigrants and a Jewish World Conspiracy. The vast majority of these groups operate underground due to the negative feedback form most societies. Nazism is at it's strongest today, all over the world, since the fall of the Nazi German government. It is stronger than the original Nazi party was during the period I which it came to power, making it a more serious problem than even most experts would prefer to admit. The American
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