Neo Yokio Satire

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Neo Yokio is set in a modern-day alternate timeline of New York City, where magicians dispose of demons that had caused chaos since the 19th century to the present. The Magicians have now gained a place in the upper ranks of society and becoming known as ‘Magistocrats’. The series revolves around a teen named, Kaz Kaan. A self-obsessed and wealthy magistocrat and his mecha butler, Charles. Kaz tries to balance his life as a fashionisto in the city and with his duties as a demon hunter. Overall, most people have found the show to be rather interesting because of its humor, surprises, and with the fact it has no real plot. The show’s humor is actually failing at comedy, even though it is a comedy show. It completely messes up the two most important parts of comedy:…show more content…
As an American-Japanese produced anime, the use of cursing or even slang is very unheard of in this genre, it was surprising to hear such a thing in an animated show like this. Also, the use of classical music, never seems to fit the proper time of anything -not the victory or even the battle scenes. Though, it still kept people drawn in to see what would happen next, because of the surprises it held. The resolve of the conflicts wasn’t something people would normally expect, it was something completely off the wall. Not to mention, there is no real plot in Neo Yokio. It may only six episodes but each episode only has a slight plot only in each episode and not throughout the series. The only plot that could be seen as a plot would be the way it makes fun of rich and high class people. It’s like watching rich people complain about being rich. The show is so off the wall that you can’t help but to like it.
Being a short lived series, it did catch everyone attention in the end. It’s the fact that the show is so terrible that it becomes good. The humor, surprises and no real plot, ended up making the show to be
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