Neoclassical Art Versus Romanticism Art

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The Neoclassical era was known as “The Age of Reason” or “The Enlightenment”. This era started in the mid 1700’s. The neoclassical era was part of the Greek and Roman history. The neoclassical era started as a reaction to the former Rococo period. The Rococo art was whimsical and playful. . The artwork of the neoclassical era was morally uplifting and inspirational. The artwork depicted the seriousness of the time, order, reason, tradition, society, intellect and political events. Neoclassical artists wanted a return to traditionalism and to the perceived purity of the arts of Rome. Neoclassical artists felt this would help the people to return to knowledge and a perfect controlled time. Philosophers of the neoclassical era believed that…show more content…
There are many more differences then similarities between the neoclassical and romanticism eras. The similarity is that both art eras utilized lingering elements of the baroque era. The neoclassical era gleaned from the baroque era attention to details in the different paintings. The romanticism era gleaned from the baroque era the emotional feelings that are displayed in the different paintings. The differences between neoclassical and romanticism began with how the painter decides to paint the picture. Neoclassical artist paint more of reality while romanticism artist paint more emotional and what they are feeling at that time. The neoclassical artist use organization, morally uplifting, inspirational, calm, rational, and solemnity in their paintings. The romanticism artist use dramatic, carefree, spontaneous, non-conformist, emotional, and imagination in their paintings. The paintings are different in many ways. The neoclassical era uses no colour, no trace of brushstrokes, and stressed drawing with lines. The romanticism era uses rich colour, visible brushstrokes, and unrestrained lines. The neoclassical era was during the mid 1700’s and was focused in Greek and Roman. The romanticism era was during the late 18th century to the mid 19th century and was focused in Europe and America. The neoclassical era was more about content, group settings, and logic. The romanticism era was more about form, individual, and emotion. It is very important that the

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