Neoclassicism And Romanticism

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Neoclassicism and romanticism were both heavily influenced in the eighteenth and nineteenth century when it came to the poetry movement. The expression “Neoclassicism” came from the fact that they were interested in reviving classical forms of art, “classical” here referring to the art of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The “Romanticism” in art and literature was a hostile reaction against Neoclassicism, and it emphasizes inspiration, subjectivity, and has an emphasis on emotions and the authority of the individual. They are both in a different era and had different means to them. A particular reading that’s neoclassical is “On Being Brought from Africa to America” by Phillis Wheatley. It is a short poem about slavery with an African…show more content…
And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you (Whitman 1312)”. The language is the language of a common man, it is the everyday language nothing too fancy or hard to pronounce and easily understood. The poem was a free verse poem meaning it an open form of poetry it does not contain matter patterns, rhyme and/or musical pattern. It simply flows like he was having a conversation with someone about himself –limited first-person narrative. Romantic poems have a unique individual vision which was the main point in this piece, he is telling the truth about himself and his life. This reading I would consider it Neoclassicism is “202” by Emily Dickinson. This too is a short poem describes having faith in something and not giving up. She refers to “faith” as an intervention because people barely have it. I portrayed this as a neoclassical poem because it wasn’t a common man not because of the words but the meaning of the reading is not something you would understand from the first read is has a camouflage meaning to it “But Microscopes are prudent in an emergency” (Dickinson 1661). It also had the general truth that is relevant to all people rather than to express their personal point of view when she was referring to truth. Neoclassicism and romanticism were both a fan favorite by the readers. Both of these styles of writing are the complete opposite of each other, one had an unrestricted style of
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