Neoconservative And Discrimination Against Gays And Homosexuals In The Workforce

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People may not notice little things that others do or say. Something as small as calling someone “gay” because they identify themselves as homosexual, could emotionally traumatize them. Examples of these issues are LGBTQ+ working in a labour intensive employment, and is treated as “weak” or “unfit” for the position, thus being looked down upon. For centuries, people follow the stereotype that people of a different gender or sexual identity are looked down upon and considered outliers of the society. Our group will go in depth and demonstrate examples of discrimination against LGBTQ+ in the workforce, by first analyzing the root of this problem. A few questions that we will evaluating are: if people dislike LGBTQ+ in the workforce because they are homosexuals, or because they are lacking in skill, education, experience etc. Second question that ties with the root of the issue is to find out why majority of people discriminate individuals that identify as LGBTQ+ homosexuals. Lastly, our group will be explaining different point of views of this issue. We will be using a variety of frameworks that we have learned in class such as viewing the social problem with a Neoliberal, Neoconservative and transformative outlook to analyze the social problem. Topics that we can analyze using these frameworks, include who is at fault or who is to blame within the social problem, how each framework would try to resolve the social problem, and what are some things that each framework can do
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