Neoliberalism : A New Concept Of Economics

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Neoliberalism in Germany As a new concept of economics, Neoliberalism has been spread in a global range. Many countries, nowadays, have been affected by such form of economy. Germany, one of the countries of which economy has been flourishing and climbing to the top of the group, including the strong and old capitalist countries -- European Union, can be considered as one of the classical case explaining the effects caused from Neoliberalism. After World War II, Germany had been split into two separate countries, Based on Yalta Conference and Potsdam Agreement, the rebuilding and revival were limited strictly to England, US, France and Soviet Union. Until the year 1990, East and West Germany announced to get united. After that, the form of economy successfully transferred to neoliberalism which named as a social market economy in Germany. The reason why it is considered as one of the forms of Neoliberalism is basing on its philosophy which is to try to abandon the interference from government to the economy which means the involvement of pricing and wages or any other form of distribution channel would be eased or even eliminated. As a consequence, the revival of Germany in the period of “post-war” time seems going successfully and smoothly. Till now, as known to the world, Germany is the biggest economy entity inside the European Union and the fourth-biggest economic power in the world. Also, it is known as the most successful giant in the global trade industry. The pillar
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