Neoliberalism And The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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Neoliberalism according to Ritzer is the, “Liberal commitment to individual liberty, a belief in the free market, and opposition to state intervention” (37). Neoliberalism emerged in the 1930s and it is based on the ideas of classical economics (Ritzer, 37). Neoliberalism is harmful to human rights and does not improve the lives of others. On the universal declaration of human rights we can see thirty rights that humans are all entitled to (“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”). Human rights under articles twenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty-five are all rights that neoliberalism violates.
In the country of Mexico there has been a phenomenon called violencia femicida (Olivera, 2006). Violencia femicida are homicides that occur against women at an increasing rate (Olivera, 2006). According to Olivera neoliberal policies are to blame for these murders (2006). Neoliberal policies in the country of Mexico have resulted in extreme poverty and unemployment due to the “fostered corruption and inefficiency in governments that maintain oligarchic, authoritarian, and patriarchal social structures disguised as democracies” (Olivera, 2006). As a result, Mexican women have searched for jobs in places called maquiladoras. Maquiladoras are factories known for their cheap labor and their exploitative conditions (Olivera, 2006). At maquiladoras many human rights are violated, especially the right under article twenty-three of the universal declaration of human rights. Article
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