Neolithic Gender Roles

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The Transition of Gender Relations
Now, it is hard to imagine a time where we did not live in a clearly male dominated world. Currently, this is still a prominent issue, whether it is the gender wage gap or gender role discrimination. Nevertheless, it goes further back to the dawn of civilization, and for the women at that time, the freedom women have would be shocking. To the surprise of us all though, there was a time in prehistory where the divide between genders was virtually non-existent. So, what was it that caused the divide? Was the divide itself a necessary evil of the growth of humanity? Ultimately, it is Neolithic period and the prior Paleolithic period that is necessary to understand, to fully comprehend the transformation of gender roles. In the Paleolithic era, humans were merely hunters and gatherers. The men hunted and the women gathered. It was the role of the women that produced the main source of sustenance for the group. Therefore, women played a crucial role in the survival of a clan and it did not go unnoticed. Due to this role, women and men were viewed as equals.
As the main gatherers, it was the
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In my mind there is no way we could have avoided the patriarchy. Humans have and always will be creative and inventive. We will always strive for more and most of the time we will succeed. Therefore, if agriculture was not invented at that time, it would have just been invented later, by others, because sustainability was the next step in bettering ones way of life. With a constant source of nourishment and the new ability to provide for large amounts of people, a door for power was open. Since it was the men who were doing the providing, it makes sense that they would take hold of that power. Moreover, women by this time were seen more as a possession and less of a person. Therefore a woman’s rights would instantly be inferior to a
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