Neolithic Revolution: The Old Stone Age Era

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Neolithic Revolution Due to the introduction of agriculture, the Neolithic revolution hastily became the pinnacle of human development; It was the commencement of civilizations who produced culture, irrigation systems, and Religion. Since sustenance began to grow and create surplus, numerous individuals were granted the ability to abandon nomadic customs which were heavily regarded as the primary method of supplies in the Paleolithic period. Without the Neolithic revolution, human existence wouldn’t be equipped enough to later industrialize in future generations, nor would there be written language. Certainly, as time progresses, Anthropologist continue to discover relics and artifacts that would otherwise be non-existent in the opposite context of a nomadic mentality. After agriculture was introduced, people were able to settle, create (art, homes, etc.), and reflect upon their reality, ultimately enhancing their culture. For example “,This freed some people from having to spend all their time producing food. They could learn other skills. Artisans made weapons and jewelry. Specialty products could be made that were not available to nomadic people.”Then Individuals continued to gradually built their civilizations. In addition, in order to increase…show more content…
Previously in the “Old Stone Age Era”, no data of daily lifestyles were recorded due to constant travel in their search of nutritional values. “If some theories are correct, this was also a time when the earth and the planet were honored, suggesting a more symbiotic relationship with the land than that of the modern world, where too often the planet is treated as an expendable commodity.” Individuals of the time began explaining their beliefs in way of images which are found in a plethora of caves in ancient
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