Neon Genesis Evangelion Controversy

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Generally regarded as the preeminent work within the entire anime industry, Neon Genesis Evangelion carries the distinction of inaugurating the medium into complex areas of human thought and intrigue, such as: philosophy, psychology and theology. This groundbreaking approach detached itself from the prototypical formula used by many directors at the time, and imbued original ideas into a stagnating industry that had suffered from the economic difficulties of the early 1990's. While there is much controversy surrounding several facets of the show (I will analyze these discrepancies in due course), one cannot deny the significance it has played on its numerous successor’s. Without further delay, allow me to deconstruct the critical components of Neon Genesis Evangelion in a fashion that will shed light onto the remarkable and the mundane aspects of the show, elucidating its place on the hierarchy of all time greats. Story: Taking place in a not too distant future (writing this in 2017 would make it the past, but it originally aired in 1995), unknown beings known as Angels wreck havoc on the citizens of the planet, causing unbridled fear and trepidation in response to impending doom. Fortunately, the United…show more content…
Shinji — The self-reserved protagonist, Shinji Ikari, epitomizes the introvert personality by concealing his true identity a-la the hedgehog’s dilemma. Just a brief reminder for anyone who hasn’t watched the show for quite some time, the premise of this theory goes as follows: forging intimate relationships, despite our best intentions, causes shared emotional pain; therefore, provoking guarded behavior and overall weaker relationships due to the lack of intimacy. This explains Shinji’s maladroit encounters with female characters in the show, and his reluctancy to solidify lasting

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