Neonatal Nurse : Career Research

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Neonatal Nurse
Career Research
M. L. Wyatt
Kennesaw State University

Neonatal Nursing Career
During my senior year of high school, our graduating class had to take more than one career assessment. I was given choices in the health and human science field. I was a lover of science and the human body so there is no wonder on why I was given these career choices. You never think about choosing a career until you are given a list of what there is to do in the world. I put a lot of time and effort into choosing the career I want the rest of my life. I found that a lot of my childhood was spent in hospitals. When I was there I made sure to make time to look at the babies in the nursery. My mind would come up with a ton of questions regarding their life, family, and health. This lead me to choose a career pathway in neonatal nursing. Neonatal nurse practitioners normally deal with babies who need immediate medical attention, but sometimes there are instances when that is not the case. I would like to become a neonatal nurse practitioner so I can apply my education and experience to better the newborns’ health and well-being.
A neonatal nurse practitioner is in the medial career field; with this information, you know this job will always be needed. “Because nearly 40,000 low-birth- weight babies are born each year in the United States, there will continue to be a market for neonatal nurses.” (Career Focus) Research has shown that there has been an alarming decline in the…
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