Neonatal Nurse. The Career I Chose Is A Neonatal Nurse.

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Neonatal Nurse The career I chose is a Neonatal Nurse. According to an article on, there are three levels of neonatal nursing. A level 1 neonatal nursery offers care to healthy newborns. A level 2 neonatal nursery holds infants born prematurely or with an illness. A level 3 neonatal nursery, usually called a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), provides care to infants who are premature, brutally ill or too small. Infants admitted to a NICU may require ventilators, incubators or surgery. (Williams) The duties of a Neonatal Nurse include holding and comforting newborns, changing their diapers, feeding them and ensuring they gain the appropriate amount of weight, giving them the correct medication and the correct amount and…show more content…
There are some states where this career gets paid more than the average pay. “According to the BLS, California sits atop the list of top-paying states, with an annual average wage of $90,860. Massachusetts follows with an average salary of $86,810 per year, joined by Hawaii at $83,950. Inversely, neonatal nurses in Iowa report the lowest annual average salary, at $53,300, joined by nurses in South Dakota and Oklahoma, who reported average yearly salaries of $55,710 and $56,130.” (Horkan, Year N/A) There are many advancements and promotions in this career, as well. Every nurse starts at Level 1 and can go up to Level 3; however, the higher the level of care they want to work with, the more experience and professional skills they must have. All neonatal nurses must be qualified as a registered nurse, earned through an associate’s degree. Some hospitals accept nurse with an associate’s degree while some only accept the ones with a bachelor’s degree. Neonatal nurses are all required to pass the state board of nursing exam, the National Council Licensure Exam. Just to begin the journey in this career, earning an associate’s will take about 2 years. To move higher, quicker continuing an education would be best to be able to earn a bachelor’s in another 2 years. A part-time will do some justice to be able to continue an education and pay it off, as well. It will cost up to as much as $40,000 for tuitions, books, fees and

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