Nepal Investment Bank

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This project report has been prepared as the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Bachelors in Engineering. The motion of the report is to be acquainted with the “Management Practice of an Organization” referred to Nepal Investment Bank Limited.
It has been a gratifying and knowledgeable for us to prepare this report. We are grateful to Lecturer Mr. Anul Joshi and Professor Mr. Shyam Krishna Joshi of Organization and management, Advance college of Engineering and management for his encouragement and valuable suggestion.
We are especially indebted to Mrs.Arpana Giri(Relationship Manager) and all the staffs of Nepal Investment Bank Putalisadak Branch who provided with necessary documents and information regarding
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The employer gets personal supervision and guidance from the top level management. The setting of NIBL environment is that where employee can receive awards that they genuinely want by performing in ways that fit the organizations goals and objective. The NIBL manager understands how and why employees make different choices regarding their own performance.
The leader-behavior of NIBL team has helped it to be continuously one of the best banks of the nation and the top management at NIBL is always exhibiting maximum concern for the satisfaction of both employee and consumers.
Board of Directors Mr. Prithivi Bahadur Pandey | Chairman/Chief Executive Director | Group "A | Mr. Prajanya Rajbhandari | Director | Group "A | Mr. Deepak Man Serchan | Director | Group "A | Mr. Krishna Prasad Sharma | Director | Rastriya Banijya Bank | Dr. Shiva Hari Shrestha | Director | Rastriya Beema Sansthan | Mr. Surendra Bdr. Singh | Director | Public Shareholder | Mr. Damodar Prasad Sharma Pandey | Professional Director | Under BFIA |

The term `management’ comes where there is the teamwork either of two persons or more than two in order to provide service and to get profit according to the objectives. Simply management is a function played in organization. There are probably as many definition of management as different experts define it differently. Many of the definitions are relatively concise and simplistic. For example,
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