Nepal : The Peak Of The Mountain Peak

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Nepal is home to many things, including the Himalayas and the highest mountain peak in the world. At 29,028 feet Mount Everest is over 60 million years old. The summit is the border of Nepal to the South and Tibet to the North. Millions of years ago earthquakes in the Nepal/ Tibet area made the Earth 's crust crumble which forced the land underwater to form what we now know as the Himalayas.

Not one person knew how tall Mount Everest was until in 1841. Sir George Everest, a British surveyor who was the general of India recorded the exact location and height of the mountain. There was so much excitement about his discovery that the mountain was named after him. The Nepali name for Mt. Everest is “Sagarmantha”, a Sanskrit term meaning “brow of the sky”.

Nearly 75 years later in 1924 two British men named Mallory and his sherpa Arveen were willing to risk death and become the first to attempt to climb Mount Everest they were dedicated to reach the top. Unfortunately, they were never seen again until 1999 on an expedition to return their bodies. On May 29th 1953 history was made as Sir Edmund Hillary and a sherpa became the first to climb Mount Everest, (also known as the highest point in the Earth). It took seven weeks for them to reach the top and only three days for them to come down. Some other landmark ascents to Mt. Everest include the first ascent by a Woman named Junko Tabei in 1963, and the first ascent without the use of bottled oxygen by Peter Habeler and
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