Nephrotic Syndrome

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The pediatric period from birth to adolescence can be considered as one of the best age group; however, during this lifetime, there could be so many diseases that can shorten their life. Among of all these diseases that can be found in the pediatric populations, the nephrotic syndrome in children is one of the diseases that will be analyzed with the evidence-based practice to formulate a clinical question to identify the cause, the sign and symptom, and the treatment of this disorder in pediatric populations. Nursing is a legitimize profession that is based on academic, research, and clinical. These three aspects of nursing career are systematically rooted in integrating the evidence-based practice in clinical settings. In order to nurse to…show more content…
Since the cause of the nephrotic syndrome is unknown, prevention is not possible. Therefore, there is only a treatment for manage the nephrotic syndrome, but there is no specific cure for this syndrome. The treatment for the nephrotic syndrome depends on the risk factor. If the cause is congenital, the treatment is the kidney transplant. While the child is waiting for the transplant, the child can be receiving the albumin injections to make up for the albumin lost in the urine. Other treatments, that can be given to decrease the edema is the diuretics, which will help in removal of the fluid excess that causes swelling. In addition, these children are at risk to the infection; therefore, the antibiotics administer to prevent or if there is any active infection. Last, the dialysis procedure is also done to filter wastes from the…show more content…
Also, the diuretics can be prescribed to remove the extra fluids. The most important factor to consider from this disease is the relapsing. These children may have multiple episodes of the nephrotic syndrome. The treatment to this condition is to preserve the kidneys. If in the case the disease relapses, these patients will be received the medication to increase the immune like cyclophosphamide. Other important aspects that need to be regarding the relapsing of nephrotic syndrome, it is often accompanied by the minor infections, in the upper respiratory tract. This is the reason that the daily administration of maintenance Prednisolone during intercurrent infections was
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