Nepotism Is The Most Important Asset

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Nepotism Employee is the most important asset in an organization. One of the goals of the Human Resources Management in the company is to ensure that all employees are being treated with dignity and equally. However, there are barriers that are avoiding the situation from happening. One of them is nepotism. Nepotism that derived from Latin word “Nepot” can be defined as unprofessional act that shows favoritism to the relatives (Wikipedia). Nepotism usually occurs in business management and political affairs, but we will only discuss nepotism in business company management. Nepotism can contribute to lots of disadvantages to an organization such as unfairness to other employees, lower employees’ morale and pressure to the relatives themselves.
First and foremost, the disadvantage of nepotism is unfairness to other employees (Jones). The feeling arises because the employer shows favoritism only to the relative’s workers. There is possibility that non-family employees will feel disappointed and biased when they are being treated like that. Management who practice nepotism will always make their relatives prior than other employees. Some example of unfairness would bias while positioning job, assigning task or distribution of benefits and rewards to employees unfairly. There is a significant relationship between unfairness with employees’ motivation that influences the downward or upswing of motivation level by the employees.
The second disadvantage of nepotism is lower…
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