Nervous Process And Manifested By Auditory Hallucinations

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Nursing Diagnosis 1 Disturbed sensory perception related to schizophrenic process and manifested by auditory hallucination. Goal 1. Voices are less frequent using a scale of 1 to 10 by third week of treatment 2. Alex will be able to identify and demonstrate a technique to distract him from the voices by the sixth week of treatment Expected outcome 1. Alex states he no longer hear voices 2. Compliant with medication(s) and other treatments 3. Will be able to participate in discharge planning 4. Eat food brought in by parents and hospital 5. Starts participating in group activities Nursing Intervention and rationale 1. Orient Alex to the reality with clear and simple communication and do not deny the existence of heard voices 2. Assess…show more content…
Witness Alex eat from the food parent in for him Nursing Diagnosis 2: Social isolation due to auditory Hallucination and evidenced by spends time alone and being mute and getting angry during conversation Goal: 1. During activities, maintain an interaction with other clients 2. Attend group activity like psychotherapy group, healthy walk at least once weekly for the three week 3. Engage in more than one activities from the fourth week till the sixth week with minimal encouragement 4. Develop trust in others, initiate and maintain interaction with others using appropriate skills. Outcome 1. Socialize with co-patients and family 2. Comes out of room and participate in activities 3. Use appropriate communication and social skills 4. Have appropriate behaviour, mood and affects Nursing Intervention 1. Spend frequent short time sessions with patient to trigger communication and create sense of being in Alex 2. Avoid touching Alex this might trigger violence because of paranoia 3. Create and structure activities with client and at client own pace to increase interest 4. Administer medications 5. Provide appropriate social skills training 6. Heath teaching about social isolation, feeling agitated or anxious due to environment will increase patient sense of control and help Alex address anxiety Evaluation 1. Witness client participate in group activities 3 times a week 2. Alex have appropriate behavior and affect for 5 days out of 7days
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