Nervous System Vs Endocrine System

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Each process, which takes place in the human body, should be regulated. The two systems, which perform regulation, are the nervous system and the endocrine system. The nervous system is concerned with fast responses to certain environmental or internal stimuli. In contrast, the endocrine system is responsible of the slower control mechanisms, which address the long-term processes, such as circadian rhythms and growth. The endocrine organs are capable of production of messengers, or hormones, which are released into blood. With blood flow, the hormones reach their target organs and interact with specific receptors, causing certain regulatory effect on the target organ (Chrousos, 2007).
The proper functioning of the endocrine system is extremely important. In case of overproduction or reduced production of hormones the related processes become improperly regulated, which can cause
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It is a disabling disorder because its progression starts from the earliest years and possible complications get worse with age. If not diagnosed in time, it leads to a serious condition called ketoacidosis. In case of some mutations, the patient experiences learning problems. It can be explained by reduced intake of glucose by brain cells. Diagnosis of neonatal diabetes is based on blood glucose and urine glucose tests, and symptoms, including frequent urination and intrauterine growth restriction. After diabetes is confirmed, the genetic diagnosis is performed for the patient. Unlike other forms of diabetes, which are caused by environmental factors and viruses, in case of type I diabetes, the neonatal one is primarily a genetic condition. The suggested treatment consists of insulin injections to provide the organism with lacking hormone. Because of insulin injections, the blood glucose returns to normal and the main complications are relieved (Støy et al.,

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