Nervous Systems And The Nervous System

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The nervous system is the most crucial and key part of our body. The nervous system is responsible for managing our thinking process, emotions, and body functions. The nervous system has two important parts; the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The nervous system is consisted of many different and connected parts such as nerves and neurons that transmit all different kinds of signals between different parts of our bodies. Essentially, I think of it as the body’s electrical wiring. The nervous system is made up of from a network of neurons that that sends information to the brain to be processed. Neurons lives inside and outside of the central nervous system. Having the knowledge of how the neurons work is…show more content…
When the nervous system is working properly they control how our body functions. If something in your nervous system were to go wrong, you could have trouble communicating, moving, breathing or even learning. The peripheral nervous system is consisted of ganglia, sensory neurons and nerve fibers outside the brain and the spinal cord, all of these components are all connected to each other. The endocrine system is essential to how the body transmits information and interacts with the nervous system. The function of the endocrine system is to produce hormones that promotes growth, regulates metabolism, helps development, along with tissue and sexual functions, sleep, attitude, etc. Some would say that the nervous system and endocrine system are both the same; it’s true that they both create molecules that react to the receptors. But they do have their differences such as; the nervous system transmits high speed of messages from the eyes to brain and etc. The endocrine system transmits messages at a much slower pace than the nervous system, traveling from the glands to the targets tissues. Probably the most significant endocrine gland is the pituitary gland. According to HormoneHealthNetwork the structure is about the same size as a pea, it is located at the base of the brain. The main purpose of the pituitary gland is that it produces hormones, in which would affect other
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