Nervous Systems And The Nervous System

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The nervous system is the most crucial and key part of our body. The nervous system is responsible for managing our thinking process, emotions, and body functions. The nervous system has two important parts; the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The nervous system is consisted of many different and connected parts such as nerves and neurons that transmit all different kinds of signals between different parts of our bodies. Essentially, I think of it as the body’s electrical wiring.
The nervous system is made up of from a network of neurons that that sends information to the brain to be processed. Neurons lives inside and outside of the central nervous system. Having the knowledge of how the neurons work is important to understanding the human nervous system. Within the nervous system, neurons have two key structures: the dendrite and axon, they 're also called nerve fibers. The dendrites look as if they were like tentacles that sprout from the cell and the axon is just one long extension of the cell. The dendrites collect signals from other neurons within the nervous system; meanwhile the axon sends impulses to other neurons. Interestingly, axons could expand up to a meter long. Typically neurons have a massive amount of dendrites; thus it could collect hundreds of signals simultaneously from different neurons. The neuron transmits impulses by an interconnection from the axon to the dendrites of a different nerve cell.
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