Nespaneterenpera Cartonnage Analysis

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Cartonnage of the mummy of a Theban priest Nespaneterenpera of about 1000 B.C. or the XXI dynasty. The mummy is missing. The head is covered by a large wig symbolizing divinity along with the braided beard. The face is painted bright red with the eyebrows and outlines of the eyes of lapiz lazuli, the eyes being of glass. A pectoral is painted on the breast just above the large bull-headed bird covering the breast. On the balance of the cartonnage are painted religious scenes describes in detail in the January 1937 issue of the Brooklyn Museum Quarterly. Nespaneterenpera was a god-father of Amun, one of those priests who were free to enter the sanctuary. He had been a prophetof the fourth class of Amun of Karnak and also bore the special title
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