Nespresso Co. Analysis

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INDEX PART 1 I. NESPRESSO: AN INNOVATION OF PROCESS AND OF BUSINESS MODEL a. Nespresso, a brand of Nestlé group b. An innovation of product i. High quality Coffee ii. Designed Coffee machines iii. The Club iv. The Boutique Concept c. An Innovation of Business model in the Coffee Industry: II. COUNTRY CLIMATE d. Cultural Environment v. Art vi. Architecture vii. Literature viii. Music ix. Media x. Science e. Social environment xi. Labor law xii. Social protection xiii. Swiss work permits xiv. Hofstede’s model applied to Switzerland f. Economic…show more content…
Nespresso has succeeded in creating a real experience and a real brand community belonging among the Nespresso clubs members thanks to all this benefits and thanks to exclusive accessories and items such as the Nespresso magazine that creates a real luxury system of values around the brand. iv. The Boutique Concept The luxury universe of Nespresso is physically symbolized by the Nespresso Boutique Concept that invites consumers to experience the unique world of Nespresso in modern and stylish Boutiques. In this warm, comfortable and cosy area, the club members can discover the premium blend coffees, limited edition varieties, all the machines and accessories and also benefit from personalized advice provided by coffee specialists. c. An Innovation of Business model in the Coffee Industry: The concept developed by Nespresso is protected by 70 patents (for machines, capsules and the service). The first ones expire in 2012, until then, the company as a complete monopoly. Nespresso is giving licenses to several industrial companies (such as Krups, Magimix, Alessi and Saeco in France) in order to produce the machines in exchange for royalties. The machines are then sold in malls, and all kinds of store

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