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NESPRESSO Introduction Launched 30 years ago, Nespresso is a subsidiary of Nestlé and one of the worldwide leaders of coffee market. The brand became very famous thanks to the coffee maker based on capsules. More than a simple coffee, Nespresso managed to create litterally a “Nespresso experience” by its innovative concept. All this case long we are going to analyze the company and is strategies throughout the SWOT, the positioning, the targeting ant to finish the marketing mix of the brand. SWOT analysis: External analysis: Opportunities | Threats | Coffee becomes one of the most popular drinks in the world. More than 1.5 billion cups are drunk, every day, worldwide. Huge market. | Coffee is facing stiff competition from…show more content…
| Nespresso chain outlets are now competing with Italian brands Illy and Segrafredo or other players such as Starbucks Coffee and Colombus Coffee. | Customers are extremely sensitive to pricing. | Club Nespresso provides personalised advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week on coffee, how to use the product and maintain the machines. It is also a sales channel for ordering capsules, machines and accessories and guarantees delivery within 2 working days. | | There is also a technical issues hotline which is open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and from 9am to 7pm on Saturdays. | | Technicians provide assistance with regard to machine returns, repairs, replacement machines and after-sales issues. | | Nespresso prides itself on providing special services to companies which choose to install machines in their offices. Similar service is provided to hotels, restaurants, luxury goods stores and airlines who serve Nespresso to their customers. | | They also provide personalised follow up for the customer. This depends on how much coffee the customer buys and reminder emails are sent when the company thinks the customer is likely to run out. Anyone who buys a Nespresso machine is automatically made a member of the Club. It is also possible to join the club directly through the website. | | Diagnosis and advices: Coffee industry is a very thriving one, it has a huge market with great opportunities. Coffee is the most popular drink in the world.

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