Ness: A Short Story

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Have you ever had the feeling where you know you've met the one that will be there to make life the lap of luxury? I have, and I was eight years old when I felt this gaiety feeling. It was the first day of third grade at Ness Elementary. I had known no one for I was to shy to even say hello. I recollect this moment as if it were yesterday, this person is one who has transmuted my life in so many ways. My best friend, my partner in crime, my sister.

As the first bell rang for recess, all the kids ran out the back school doors shouting and tripping over each other with exhilaration that it was conclusively recess. Only two puerile girls did not run out side with ecstasy. Two, ambulated out the doors gradually and in separate directions. This freckled face, glasses
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We drifted apart after she left Ness, but in February of 2009, I invited her over to have a sleepover and we reconnected. The following year, I was to be getting my education at West Valley City School and Jordan was going to be going there as well. I learned Jordan's dad had passed away the year we disconnected. It was woebegone that i wasn't able to be with her through that rough period. Throughout my years at City School I had made more friends but still had Jojo right by my side. There have been times where Jordan and I have had arguments where we didn’t speak with each other for days, but we know nothing will ever break our amity. She has been there with me through my most rigorous moments, we’ve laughed together, cried together, and will always look out for one another. She’s my other half even though, I want to punch her in the face. We enjoy annoying each other because, why not? Psychologists say if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, it will last a lifetime. Jordan and I had our seven year anniversary on our first day of high school. It was a legitimate
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