Nessus Research Paper

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Nessus is a top-notch vulnerability scanner produced by Tenable and is used by home and corporate users. Basically, it looks for bugs in your software. It sets the standard for accuracy and scanning speed for vulnerability assessment. Nessus will test for security problems that a hacker may use to get into your system. The Tenable research staff constantly designs programs to detect new vulnerabilities called plugins. Plugins use a set of generic remediation actions and algorithms to test for vulnerabilities. (Tenable) It is written using Tenable’s own NASL, Nessus Attack Scripting Language. (TechTarget Network) The NASL language lets individual attacks be described simply by security professionals. Nessus administrators use the NASL to customize their own scans with the descriptions of the vulnerabilities. (TechTarget Network) It will ensure compliance and help reduce an organization’s attack surface. (Tenable) Nessus constantly…show more content…
Your activation code will look similar to this: AB-CDE-1111-F222-3E4D-55E5-CD6F. The code can only be used once and can’t be shared between scanners. It is also case sensitive and must be used within 24 hours of the Nessus installation. Second, you need to download the Nessus program for your computer system. Ensure you use Google chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, these browsers are supported by Nessus. Third, you need to setup Nessus. Please note, when you deploy Nessus behind a NAT device or application proxy perform a credentialed scan. This scan will help reduce getting false negative and positive results. You only deploy Nessus behind a NAT if you are scanning the internal network. As an example, the installation instructions for Windows are listed below. (Tenable) You can also get installation instructions from the tenable website for your particular
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