Nest Dragon Research Paper

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Least Dragon’s Behavioral Patterns
Least Dragon is one of the most fascinating species in Thrag Island, the small dragon which has a gray-green coloration with frills that turn red when extended, and is one of the few non-fire breathing species. Its displays of behavior such as ritualized aggression, and reproductive courtship and also the defense mechanisms that this species uses makes this species’s survival one of the most fascinating in the island.
For starters, territoriality plays an important role in the dragon reproductive behavior as the male dragons react to the approach or the song of another male, as a potential rivalry, which then starts a display of ritualized aggression between them, as they continued to make rough “cheech” noises while displaying their blood red frills (which is an example of sexual dimorphism as
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If there is a predator close to the dragon, the reptile will camouflage itself with the surrounding leaves and mosses of the area or will try to hide in its nest as its coloration provides an advantage against most predators, especially flying ones such as eagles.
Likewise, draconologists have been trying to explain the reason behind why this dragon species do not breathe fire, the most accepted explanation is that the dragon short size will not produce a large flame similar to its relatives (Westerosi dragons), which will not be enough protection against predators, and also if used for reproductive purposes the flame would likely provide the location of the male, as it would contrast with the greenish background of the forest and will leave a scent that could be tracked easier than the different pitch
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