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After reading the novel Nest in the Wind: Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island, written by Martha C. Ward, I learned about a culture on an island that is much different but similar in many ways to ours. The Climate of the Island was tropical with heavy rainfall. The Island was known as a “tropical paradise”. Ward a female Anthropologist went to this Island to study its inhabitants . Some area she focus on was Family, Religion, sex, tradition, economics, politics ,medicine, death, resources and daily activities . Ward approach to getting this information as accurate as possible was to live among the Pohnpeians as . She got involved in their culture and community. She even , though unwanted gained rank in their society. Her and…show more content…
All the other events and mishaps were just coincidental. Many societies believe that jealousy and greed will lead to misfortunes. This show s that unity is a very important part of the Pohnpei culture. The unity and the respect required for the feast makes it effective in getting rid of the curse . During Sohn Alpet’s funeral we can see how Pohnpeins value the connection of the tribe.One example of this is the “women of Sohn alpets [Marriages] and women in the families he created .. Prepared his body for burial”. (Ward 2005) . This is also seen in how the men prepare for funerals. “men brought food prepared the earth oven and pounding kava” (Ward 2005). It is very clear that the Pohnpeians had close social bonds in their families and communities. Every event joyful or tragic was solved and celebrated by much of the community. One thing all these celebration had in common was a drink called Kava. Kava plays a very important role for traditional inhabitants of Pohnpei . Kava is used to bring peace to this Island. Although Christianity has denounced the uses of kava those who have converted do take part in the ceremonies but may not drink the fluid. One reason People of Pohnpei drink kava is “It is said that if you drink kava you can no longer be mad” (Ward 2005) . Kava was used many times in the book. Often it was used for celebration .Once during a feast when a Pohnpei man left out
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