Nestlé Crisis Management Contingency Plan

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Nestlé Crisis management Contingency Plan 1. Problem analysis 2. Course of Action 3. Strategic Communications Plan 3.1) Communication Infrastructure 3.2) Nestlé Communication goals 3.3) Target Audience 3.4). Image Enhancement Message 3.5) Communications Channels and Outlets 3.6) Facebook as Communication Channel 3.7) Strategies for Social Network Communications 3.8) Strategic Communications Plan Key Performance Indicators 4. References Problem Analysis Nestlé has established itself as a leader in the world of nutrition and foods. However, the attack by Greenpeace that Nestlé fell subject to has taken its toll on the…show more content…
Nestlé’s course of action spurred Greenpeace to immediately repost the video on other sites and spread the message through other social media outlets. This created bigger publicity outreach and moved the arena from just a video that was not widely spread into a video that was being reposted on Facebook and other social networks. This caused activists to get involved and public awareness to increase. The result was an attack on Nestlé’s Facebook fan page, where activists posted comments using profile pictures with altered versions of the Nestlé Kit kat Logo. The Profile Pictures displayed the Chocolate bar Logo to read “Killer” instead of Kit Kat. This led to a full fledged war of words between activists and Nestlé’s representative on Nestlé’s own Facebook fan page. During the course of these events Nestlé made several actions. Had these actions not taken place and a different course of action pursued, Nestlé could have potentially limited the extent to which the Greepeace campaign spread. a) Pulling the video offline By demanding that YouTube take the video offline Nestlé caused a flood of attacks on itself. Not only was the video still available for the public on other sites but it became the center of attention, and it also caused the spur of further attacks by activists and Greenpeace

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