Nestle And Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Company

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Introduction Nestlé is a Swedish nutrition, health and wellness company that began by two separate companies. In 1866, the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company was founded. A year later, Henri Nestlé developed a breakthrough infant food, and in 1905 the company he founded merged with Anglo-Swiss, to form what is now known as the Nestlé Group. Nestlé was first publicly traded as “Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Co,” in the Zurich Stock Exchange on March 17, 1873. Following the merger between “Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co” and “SA Henri Nestlé”, the shares became named “Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co.” were listed on the 25th of October, 1905 at the Zurich Stock Exchange (now known as the SIX Swiss Exchange). The main tickers for Nestlé’s shares are: Reuters NESN.VX and Bloomberg NESN VX. The reason for the split of shares of June 30th, 2008 was to achieve the goal of the 1:10 to increase the liquidity of the shares. Nestlé’s headquarters are located in Vevey, Switzerland. This large firm has provided safe and quality nutrition for the past 150 years. It has more than 2,000 brands worldwide, in more than 197 countries, and around 335,00 employees. Nestlé has 442 factories in 86 countries. In 2015 it’s sales totaled to 88.8 billion CHF (Swiss Franc). The image bellow exhibits where Nestlé sells and how much it makes these locations in billions. According to Nestlé’s 2014 annual report, it’s main businesses fall under the following categories: powdered and liquid

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