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Managing Change MGT 420 Joselyn Ortiz Nestlé Case Study Did Nestlé undergo either first-order and/or second-order change according to the case? Answer, listing examples of types of change from the above story. From what I read the Nestlé company under went both the first-order and the second-order. In the First-order the strategic changes the company took string in 1900’s. The Swiss based company only sold its products through sales agents to outside countries. It soon changed its approach to global expansion by purchasing local subsidies in foreign markets. This changed maintained the companies’ goals and organizational purpose. The next strategic change was during the WWI with the increase demand in dairy products. Nestlé…show more content…
Outline how the Nestlé management team may have reacted to each implication. The implication of change manager that would apply to Nestlé would be the first change. “Care needs to be taken in assuming that types of organizational changes can be neatly categorized as small, adaptive and incremental compared to those that are large and transformational” (Palmer). Nestlé adapted to the changes, due to the incremental changes. It’s not necessarily and objective given by the company to change, it’s the movement that Nestlé thought would meet the best financial and strategic goals put in place. As far as the other changes the second one concerning multiple types of changes as simultaneously, not sure if that would have worked with them. I mean the company would not have had time to adapt to two changes at the same time. Would the company have made it through? Not sure if they would have made it as big as they are today. The smaller changes would have worked for them, but for it not to effect the company on a larger scale not sure if that would have been good for them. The changes they made were on a large scale to begin with and the company adapted very well but again with one change at a time and the by in of the executives. Find three examples of lessons from the front line that are evident in the Nestlé case. How could these issues be overcome? Downsizing for Nestlé was the retrenchment. With the retrenchment downsizing may

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