Nestle Case Study

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Henri Nestlé, a Swiss confectioner, became the founding father of Nestlé and one of the major creators of condensed milk. Nestlé's origins date back to the 1860s when separate Swiss companies had been founded that later shaped the Nestlé company. Inside the succeeding years, the two competing establishments aggressively improved their organizations all through Europe and the US. In 1866, Charles and George Page, brothers from Lee County, Illinois, America, set up the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk employer in Cham, Switzerland. Their first British operation opened in Chippenham, Wiltshire, in 1873. In Vevey, Switzerland, Henri Nestlé advanced his milk-based baby formula and soon began advertising it in 1867. The subsequent 12 months noticed Daniel Peter, a Swiss chocolatier start seven years of labour perfecting his invention, the milk chocolate production procedure which shaped Nestlé’s chocolate making. Nestlé turned into the critical co-operation that Peter needed to figure out a way of removing all of the water from the milk added to the chocolate and thus stopping the product from developing mold. Henri Nestlé retired in 1875 but the corporation, beneath new ownership, continued to succeed. In 1877, Anglo-Swiss added milk-based ingredients to their products; within the following year, the Nestlé company brought condensed milk to their portfolio, which made the two companies direct and fierce competitors. In 1879, Nestle merged with milk chocolate inventor Daniel Peter. In

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