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There are a couple different themes that become very important when analyzing the Nestle Crunch Bar case. During the case, many research channels were used to find various themes and feelings residing within the consumer, conscious and subconscious. Between pages twelve and fourteen, multiple feelings/themes are presented. A couple of these have stuck out in comparison to the others, emotional comfort and enjoyment. These two themes seem to be present in the mind of the consumer through all of the consumer testing studies and also within the consumer throughout the entire purchasing experience.
A) From the Nestle Crunch Consensus Map, we can see that enjoyment is linked to many other feelings that evoked in the consumer
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B) The brand personality of a company can be described as the set of human characteristics that attributed to the brand of a company. It is something by which the consumer can relate to the brand which can effectively increase the value of the brand by effectively communicating a sense of similarity to their customers. There are five main types of brand personalities, but the one that matches Nestle the best is, excitement. Nestle gives of vibes of a carefree attitude and connects best with consumers that are youthful and spirited. Because of the nature of the products Nestle offers, the idea of Point of Purchase (POP) becomes very important. Many of the Nestle consumers purchase their products at the payment isle of grocery stores, so POP sales become very important. This also allows packaging to play an extremely important role during the POP purchase. Because there are many other similar products in the check-out isle, it is important for Nestle to make their products stand out. According to a brand manager from Nestle, “For Nestle, packaging has a key role to play in brand recognition”. Environmental issues, mainly the use of biodegradable and sustainable materials, have a growing impact on package design and materials sourcing. This is something Nestle keeps in mind when communicating with their consumers and also when maintaining brand identity and packaging characteristics. Nestle also recently announced that they

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