Essay on Nestle Crunch Marketing Plan

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Nestle Crunch Marketing Plan
MK 715- Marketing Management
Brenau University
Instructor: Dr. North
June 10, 2014
Executive Summary
This marketing plan was created for Nestle Crunch to position itself in the next year to deliver at least $13 million in profit without increasing the budget by over $2 million. An analysis of the chocolate confectionery market will be analyzed to develop marketing strategies to implement to satisfy these objectives. situation analyses
Market Size
Crunch is produced by the largest food and beverage company, which is Nestle. Retail sales of chocolate confectionery comprised of $33.8 billion in retail sales, which $16.9 billion were in chocolate sales.
Market Trends
The growth rate
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strategy development
Financial Projections

Strategy and Execution
Minus 1 event of free standing insert (FSI) coupon good on one regular size Crunch bar
Add I event of A regular bar bonus size (+25%) is offered during 2-week promotional period; it was not offered in 2009
Minus 1 event of a 2-week store display featuring regular size Crunch
Distribution increases by 2.0 percentage points
A Crunch price increase of +12.5% on all products would match Hershey's retail prices but would still be less than Mars' prices; no pricing action was taken in 2009

The following table shows the impact on sales and profit when making changes in the marketing mix.

According to the table, with the marketing mix selected we are able to achieve our objective of ensuring production contribution of at least $13 million, our profitability percentage change is at least over 15%, and budget does not increase by more than $2 million. advertising and Promotion
Media Marketing
The media vehicles for advertising that will be utilized are TV, print, and online. Since TV has the greatest reach, 70% is allocated in the budget for TV advertising and promotion; 20% for online and 10% of the budget for print marketing. The total budget for these media marketing is a little below $12.9 million

We have an estimated reach of 90% for the TV advertising and marketing and 10% and 20% for print and online respectively.

The pie graph below
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