Nestle Global Strategy

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Introduction International business has seen a significant surge over the past few decades. Contemporarily, it is now commonplace for large businesses to operate in many countries and serve many markets (Bird & Mendenhall, 2015). Companies that operate in numerous countries while providing the same services world-wide as in their home country are called global organizations. An example of one such global organization is Nestle. Nestle is a food and beverage company that operates in every continent on the planet. They operate in 21 African countries, 26 North, South, and Central American countries, 30 Asian countries, 33 European countries including their home country, and six countries in Oceania. Nestle was founded 150 years ago in…show more content…
Trending Topics Upon researching the consumers’ perspectives about Nestle through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is evident that the trending topics related to Nestle are regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the privatization of water. Genetically modified organisms have been a nutrition topic of concern over the past decade. Despite scientific consensus to the contrary, consumers remain concerned about potential health risks of consuming genetically modified foods. The recent trending stories against Nestle are consumers that are concerned with Nestle’s stance on blocking GMO labeling laws. Likewise, consumers are also distraught over the perception that Nestle is selling water. Many consumers feel as though access to safe, sanitized water should be a human right and water should not be sold, but rather readily accessible to everyone. Moreover, these customers believe that Nestle’s participation in the sale of water is immoral and inhumane and these customers may be choosing to purchase from other companies who do not participate in the private sector vending of water.
Management Challenges Related to Global Teams However, managing teams containing members of numerous different cultures has a variety of challenges and requires a skilled expatriate manager to
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