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Critique on the Filipino values presented in the films with emphasis on the following: emotion and motivation; family relations; smooth interpersonal relations, cognition and world view.

Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood. - Walt Disney (1901 – 1966)

Walt Disney was right in saying that movies really do play a role in shaping young lives in what it is expected of them when they grow older. Now a days, this is indeed true whether it is a short or full feature film. It is made more possible through the children’s exposure to different mass media. Movies can be easily watched through cable TV, video streaming through the
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Needs that are very essential to a child’s development.

Thank God for the arrival of the child’s grandfather, showering him with all the attention that he needed. In true “Kuya Bogie” style, they created a tale of Josh as the hero saving the queen (his mother) from the evil COMPUTER. Their story is basically the projection of what the child was feeling – he was fighting against the computer, which symbolized his mom’s work,. Work , which was engulfing his mom in its world where he was practically left out of the picture.

Often in Filipino families, the grandparents are the ones who are showering their grandchildren with material things to the point of spoiling them. I usually see this scenario in my class. Lola or lolo is the one attending the Parent-Teacher Conference because the parents are just too busy with their work. One student told me that his lola pays for all their trips abroad. She is the one feeling sad when her grandson does not do well in school. “How about mommy? Where is she? “ I asked. “Always on the phone.” Since a lot of Filipino women are joining the workforce, the children often find themselves in the care of their grandparents. There are pros and cons in this set-up. The good thing is the children are not just left with the yayas or in other countries the daycare. They are placed in the hands of family, which is great. But this leaves the parents complacent with their child’s well being. They feel

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