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1. Using the BASES model described in Exhibit 9, forecast the estimated demand (trial & repeat) for the 2 pizza options under consideration: Pizza & Topping and Pizza Only. Most of the data needed for the forecasting exercise is available on pages 14, 15 and on page 34 (Exhibit 21). a Hints: In exhibit 21, there is a big difference between Contadina pasta users and non-users ... This will obviously affect the forecast depending on what proportions are used for Contadina users versus non-users in the population. b On page 14, Nestle’s marketing research department cautions us that parent brand usage could vary from 5% to 25%. It would be worthwhile to judge the sensitivity of the forecast under 5%, 15% and 25% parent brand penetration…show more content…
How does the pizza concept test data (Exhibits 19, 20 and 21) compare to the pasta concept test data (Exhibit 6)? The key concept purchase and likeability measures (likelihood to buy and price/value ratio) are similar among Contadina users, but are below the industry median for nonusers. Among the Likes, Dislikes, and Uniqueness, the ratio of favorable

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