Nestle Social Outreach Programs & Sustainability

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Nestle Social Outreach Programs & Sustainability
Social Outreach Programs
Nestle is a commonly known household name usually associated with chocolate. Little know that Nestle is actually one of the world’s largest food and beverage producers, third only to PepsiCo Inc. and Tyson Food Inc. Nestle sponsors the girl scouts “GirlSports” educational program, which serves as a platform to educate and train millions of girls around the country in a variety of sports. Their “Very Best Volunteer Program” is an initiative that is undertaken throughout in one day throughout the year, where thousands of employees directly aid various charities and non-profit organizations (NGO) in their local communities. Nestle’s “Adopt-A-School” program has improved its reach to over 60 schools, offering employees the opportunity to take a paid leave in order to directly help students in the classroom. Nestle’s “Community Care Campaign” encourages its employees to donate to a multitude of charities and NGO’s; they have raised more than $1.2 million in the last year. Finally, their “Feeding America” program has donated more than 154 million pounds of food and used more than $700,000 for marketing programs and food drives for “Feeding America” affiliated food banks all over the country.
In 2015, Nestle partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of America in order to create a healthier generation of children. Nestle sponsors a bi-annual Fitness Competition in order to inspire children to reach short-term…
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