Nestle Supply Chain Case Study Essay

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Nestle, an international recognized multinational corporation is the world’s leading nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. Nestlé’s mission of “Good Food, Good Life” aims at providing customers with the finest quality of nutritional choices within a wide range of food and beverage classifications (NESTLÉ - Vassos Eliades. (n.d.). Retrieved from, para. 1). The merger in 1905 between Nestle and the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company created the Nestle we know today. Nestle is one of the world’s largest suppliers of food and nutritional products operating with 461 factories in 83 countries, with 328,000 employees worldwide (Fries, Lorin, Goldberg, Ray, 2012. Nestle: Agricultural Material…show more content…
This is more than any other food company – both as a percentage of sales, as well as absolute terms (Nestle, The world of Nestlé - (n.d.). Retrieved from, p. 16, para. 6). Nestle has established a rigorous process of product testing which includes scientific nutritional assessment. Each product has a measurable nutritional value to prove its superiority in delivering nutritional benefits. Research and development has given the organization the capability of forming innovative partnerships and collaborations at each stage of the product development process (Nestle, The world of Nestlé - (n.d.)., p. 19, para. 2). The company’s ability to bring together all of its global R&D resources enables Nestle to provide efficient, innovative, and high quality products while adhering to a strict regulatory compliance. Nestlé’s R&D has been influential in the global food market and beneficial for large companies to duplicate their success in creating value and sustainability through research and development.
As the world’s leader in nutrition, health and wellness, Nestlé collaborates with countless companies across different industries (Goldberg, 2012, para. 86). This enables the company to build a global supply chain, allowing Nestle to generate, buy, and sell agreements through collaborations within the local communities in the countries where the company operates.
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