Nestle Swot Analysis

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Nestle SWOT analysis

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Introduction 3

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SOWT analysis On Nestle 4

Conclusion 7
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For a start-up business, an example might be a lack of experience in the selected industry. • Reduce expending on Research and development sector. • Not directly connected with consumer. • Lucking of social responsibility • Duel management and duel leadership. • Their LC-1 division that is their dairy division was not successful in France as they thought it would be. They entered the market with yoghurt named Dannon. • There was no growth in their organic food sales division in 2008 even though the industry grew by 8.9% since 2004, their breakfast cereal products have been claimed as having false claims of “heart healthy” and “lower cholesterol.” • They have been forced to reduce the amount of sugar in their products as American parent’s claim they were contributing to diabetics. • Nestlé’s extension product line General Mills has been behind in innovation and have not come up with a booming health food product. • They are unwilling to diversify weak brands.

Opportunities (Opportunities are considered mostly external.)
Unmatched product and brand portfolio: Nestle had 14 category of product with more than 80 core brands within this core brand they had thousands of products so nestle had the world largest product portfolio.
Unmatched Research &Development capability: Every year nestle expense 40% of their total cost on research and development area
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