Nestle Swot Analysis

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SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE NESTLE COMPANY | Organizational Theory and Behavior Term paper Prof. Asli Goksoy | | Nowadays the company is one of the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world with a huge range of varying products. Nestle has spread its power to different markets such as chocolate, infant foods, water, health care nutrition etc. Today it is on the markets of 86 countries with more than 283,000 employees. | | Irena Zasheva and Nikolay Iliev | 4/23/2011 | |

SWOT Analysis of the Nestle Company

Nestle is a company with headquarters in the Vevey, Switzerland, founded back in 1866 by Henri Nestle. Nowadays the company is
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We should definitely point out its high market share, its huge size and global financial power, and strong portfolio. Over the years Nestle has built a reputation that together with the financial benefits from it are now making the company so strong and powerful. The reinvesting in keeping the brand image, expanding to different markets, and customizing products for varying tastes are the path to success that the company has been following over the years. -Low cost- Nestle is a low cost operator which allows it to not only beat competition but also to edge ahead operating excellence, innovation, renovation, product availability and communication as its major strengths. - Collectivist culture- Another one of the greatest strengths of Nestle is that it includes a culture that it is team focused and with an open door policy. Nestle focuses on collectivism and performance orientation attitude that encourages employees to work harder. It puts a huge emphasis on the satisfaction of their employees, because the company’s leadership believes that they owe a great part of their success to their faithful workers. Companies polices in this sphere are thought to be very successful as they are reducing turnover rates and absenteeism, contributing to the employee’s

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