Nestle's Agreement With the Forest Trust

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To Nestlé: Re: The Forest Trust (TFT) Sustainability, as well as eating tasty chocolates, is of increased importance to Nestlé consumers today. That is why Nestlé has embarked upon its joint agreement with The Forest Trust (TFT). The TFT is supposed to monitor Nestlé's sustainability efforts. This joint venture began with a Facebook campaign criticizing Nestlé for its suppliers' illegal treatment of the rain forest and the use of palm oil in its products. Since the concerns about Nestlé were first articulated using social media, the company must now use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to spread a positive message. Nestlé should regularly update consumers through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as on the sustainability section of its webpage, about positive actions it has undertaken to ensure that the environment is treated correctly when its products are produced. It must also be thoroughly transparent about the companies with which it partners to produce goods and service. As with all major corporations, socially responsible charity is a core component of the Nestlé brand. Nestlé must advertise the fact that it gives back to the communities where is products are harvested and produced. Posting TFT's regular audits of Nestlé on the website will also allay the criticism that Nestlé's current environmentalism is mere public posturing, since this will indicate that its actions have been validated by an outside authority. Nestlé can also
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