Nestle's Growth Strategy

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P A R T 4 Case Analysis PA R T O U T L I N E 13. Analyzing Strategic Management Cases 417 Chapter 1 Analyzing Goals and Objectives Chapter 2 Analyzing the External Environment Chapter 4 Assessing Intellectual Capital Strategy Analysis Chapter 3 Analyzing the Internal Environment Chapter 5 Formulating Business-Level Strategies Chapter 9 Implementation: Strategic Controls Chapter 11 Strategic Leadership: Excellence, Ethics and Change Chapter 12 Strategic Leadership: Fostering Entrepreneurship Strategy Implementation Chapter 6 Formulating Corporate-Level Strategies Chapter 8 Formulating Internet Strategies Strategy Formulation Chapter 7 Formulating International Strategies Chapter 10 Implementation:…show more content…
In the previous chapters we have discussed issues and challenges that managers face and provided analytical frameworks for understanding the situation. But once the analysis is complete, decisions have to be made. Case analysis forces you to choose among different options and set forth a plan of action based on your choices. But even then the job is not done. Strategic case analysis also requires that you address how you will implement the plan and the implications of choosing one course of action over another. A strategic management case is a detailed description of a challenging situation faced by an organization.2 It usually includes a chronology of events and extensive support materials such as financial statements, product lists, and transcripts of interviews with employees. Although names or locations are sometimes changed to provide anonymity, cases usually report the facts of a situation as authentically as possible. One of the main reasons to analyze strategic management cases is to develop an ability to evaluate business situations critically. In case analysis, memorizing key terms and conceptual frameworks is not enough. To analyze a case, it is important that you go beyond textbook prescriptions and quick answers. It requires you to look deeply into the information that is provided and root out the essential issues and causes of a company’s problems. The types of skills that are required to prepare an effective strategic case analysis can benefit you in

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