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1. Gross, Grant. “House Rejects ‘Net neutrality’, Passes Telecom Reform Bill” Network World 23.23 (2006): 10. AUTHOR Grant Gross. DATE June 12 YEAR 2006 PUBLICATION Network World LOCATION Framingham, MA PUBLISHER Network World Inc. VOLUME 23 ISSUE 23 PAGE NUMBERS 10 LINK --- The House of Representatives has defeated a provision to require U.S. broadband providers to offer the same speed of service to competitors that's available to partners, a major defeat to a coalition of online companies and consumer groups. "It is a shame that the House turned its back on the open essence of the Internet," Gigi Sohn, president of consumer rights group Public Knowledge, said in an e-mail."Instead, the House ... voted to allow the…show more content…
As their networks become increasingly clogged with high-capacity services, phone and cable companies want to be able to strike deals with content companies that will offer speedy delivery for music and videos, for example. But smaller content companies worry they'll be priced out of the market, and consumer groups fear it would give cable and phone companies too much power over content. Because of all the rhetoric, Net neutrality has become such a hot- button issue that some companies have found themselves the target of advocates who are quick to jump on any kink in Internet service as a new battlefield in the debate. __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. “Net Neutrality Bounceback.” Telephony 247.10 (2006): 30. AUTHOR Wilson, Carol DATE Jun 5 YEAR 2006 PUBLICATION Telephony LOCATION Chicago PUBLISHER Prism Business Media VOLUME 247 ISSUE 10 PAGE NUMBERS 30 LINK --- But the commercial and consumer interest forces that are backing and similar efforts remain determined to build support for government regulations to prevent tiered, or premium, Internet services. Net neutrality remains a solution in search of a problem, a potentially dangerous prescription for a disease not yet contracted. The telecom industry must devise a response to the fears being raised by the various groups,

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