Net Neutrality In Internet Essay

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Most Americans today don’t even know what net neutrality is, let alone how it so greatly affects their life. Whenever you use the internet you are benefiting from net neutrality. Net neutrality is what allows us to visit any website at the maximum speed anytime with no slowdowns or interference by ISPs. This is one of the core ideas that internet was founded on. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are the companies that are trying to restrict and monopolize the internet. The removal of net neutrality would allow ISPs greater control over what you can do, create and view on the internet. If ISPs have this ability, they could greatly influence people’s quality of life. The right to net neutrality is going to be addressed next year by the…show more content…
One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to visit any website you please to get your news and information. The removal of net neutrality would allow ISPs to slow down or even block you from accessing certain websites unless you pay a premium. This is a basic violation of a our fundamental rights under of the 1st Amendment: freedom of speech and…show more content…
By choosing net neutrality, we continue to protect our most unalienable right, the 1st Amendment. If we don’t protect our 1st Amendment here it could set a precedence were eventually we lose all of our first amendment rights.
A great legal positive for the ISPs in keeping net neutrality is that net neutrality removes all liability of what goes on on their networks, which we already have and they would probably like to keep. This, again, is similar to how electrical companies work. If an electricity company was unknowingly supplying power to a warehouse that was used to hack into a company, the electrical company isn’t liable for supplying the electricity because they don’t get any control over monitoring what that power is used
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