Net Neutrality Research

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Open and equal internet services benefit all social classes by eliminating premium access and giving everyone the same internet speeds. FCC stated that they are allowed to regulate broadband services (“Net Neutrality” 2). Internet providers are saying if people are using their equipment and cables they are allowed to set limits or prices as they please (“Net Neutrality” 1). “It shouldn’t be regulated if the market has many companies that the public can pick from” Wheeler stated (“Net Neutrality” 2). In other words, Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC discourages regulating Internet speeds (“Net Neutrality” 2). “Rather than guarding against market abuses by dominant firms, the rules have been invoked in attempts to hinder innovation, impede…show more content…
People are more dependent on the internet then they ever were (Conda 2). Internet service provides may start having exclusive deals for certain service like Netflix or YouTube. Internet companies are making the Internet very unfair, and since certain areas only have one or two internet providers they can control whatever they want without people leaving (Gattuso 3). Another reason for not enforcing net neutrality regulation is it would take away all the filters that the broadband providers gave to the families; these filters block “child pornography, obscenity, and other dangerous content on the Web” (Conda 3). Another company came in to play in the net neutrality fight, Google Fiber. Google Fiber supposed to be really fast internet and to compete with the other companies and the FCC (Gattuso…show more content…
ruling will be the plan to stop the monopoly (Sprigman 3). One of the biggest supporters is Obama, and a lot of other big tech companies (Bauman 2). In 2010, the F.C.C. tried to take the rule that limits the ISPs or Internet service providers, which controls the flow of the Internet (Gattuso 2). Verizon has went against the new rules saying that F.C.C. has no control of the Internet and should be chosen by the broadband providers, the rules have been removed which were put in place in 2010 (Gattuso 3). Kids in school are more reliant on Internet than any time in school, they need the fast internet for lectures and classes and with the F.C.C. taking control of the providers, and they will not be able to afford it (Conda 2). They should be able to have the connection speed they paid for and able to use it how they want
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